Thursday, January 30, 2020


Milosh and I were lucky enough to visit the London Art Fair on Sunday. It’s a huge but very enjoyable event.

First off a bus journey and then a ride on a train which Milosh loved ❤️ (Even though it may not look that way).

Upon arrival a photo was needed...

Milosh experiencing VIDEO ART!

One of our favourite pieces! I wonder why? LOL 😆 

Such a lovely day of culture. 

Friday, January 24, 2020


On a lovely sunny day, we decided to head to our local park for some fun 😊

First stop, the swings. 

Fanta loved the slide and had several goes. 


Am I there yet???

Snack Time 🤣

I’m not ready to go home yet!

As you can see, Fanta and I had lots of fun. We’ll come back soon. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2020


There are four Chase Fugglers to look out for.

1. Burlap Teddy Bear Nightmare

2. Burlap Mr Buttons

3. Burlap Black Suspicious Fox 

4. Burlap Black Count McFuggler (Bat)

Each one has glow in the dark teeth and eyes and a GOLD buttonhole butt. 

Monday, January 20, 2020

Some Backround Info...

A Mrs McGettrick while searching one night for a gift for her husband. Stumbled across someone selling a quantity of loose denture teeth. She thought, how strange and moved on. Unable to forget this weird lot, she eventually decided to purchase the teeth to see what she could do with them. Initially she had thought to buy a teddy bear and attempt to attach the teeth somehow but then thought to make something herself and Fugglers were born. 
At the beginning , she sold on Etsy and developed a small cult following. 
In 2018 Canadian company Spin Master acquired the brand. 
Not only do Fugglers have amazing gnashers (teeth), they also have a button hole butt with the words FUGGLERS on them to show they are the real deal. There are currently over 50 different styles to collect in both 9” and 12” versions. There are also rarer Chase characters with glow in the dark teeth and eyes and gold button butts. 

Sunday, January 19, 2020

A new year and a new attempt at the blogging world. I have recently stumbled upon something that has made my collecting heart so so happy 😊
I’ve discovered FUGGLERS. Funny Ugly Monsters and am now obsessed. What are they you may ask??? Well...
My story actually starts about 9 years ago when my wonderful husband surprised me with a very special and unique gift. A Fuggler! It was love at first sight. Mr Blue has been with me ever since.


Fast forward to October 2019 and I happened to wander into a well known High Street toy shop and was completely stunned 😳 
Fugglers??? Boxed!!! For Sale??? On shelves??? Then and there I grabbed every different one I could find and a new collection/obsession was born!